What is a House Concert?

Yay, I am so glad that you are interested in house concerts!  They are so much fun and easier than you might think to host.  Think about it as a gathering of your friends, and a concert by me, all put together. There has recently been momentum building in this realm because it is a way for audiences to have a unique musical experience, build community, and support musicians all at the same time.  What could be better!  It makes for an intimate musical experience that you just can’t get in another environment where I as the artist truly get to interact with audiences and you get the most out of my music as you can listen and enjoy without distraction.

What Do You Need To Host a Concert?

I generally think a successful house concert needs an enthusiastic host, a living room or other space where folks can gather, and a group of at least 20 people who like to listen to music.  We have squeezed many more than that in some very small living-rooms.  Intimate is what we are going for so we really don’t need a lot of space and because it is small, we don’t need any big sound systems.  There is usually a suggested donation of $10-$20 that goes to the performer and that is either is collected by selling tickets ahead of time, at the door, or the hat is passed around at the break.  This is generally the host’s job as well as to encourage cd sales and the like.  Often hosts will make the night a potluck with dinner before or deserts after, but it can simply be the concert as well.

More Information?

A house concert is a magical evening and such an incredible way to support my music.  Thanks for considering and if you want to learn more, there are so many resources on the web that will help with ideas. 
Here is one option below:


Please contact me at cohokaeley@gmail.com if you want to host me!