My Story

Kaeley is an Americana/Folk singer-songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. Her music has been described as "Uplifting music from the soul for the spirit”. Kaeley is an authentic, heartfelt, beautiful new voice in today's folk music.  Her songwriting leans into many traditions and is inspired by nature and life's love and loss.  

In Dec 2018 Kaeley will released her second album "A Dance with Me" produced by Rob Stroup in Portland, OR.  This album is a follow up to her debut album "Paradise" produced by longtime friend Scott Fisher which she released in 2016. The album takes the listener on a melodic journey that stays true to the spirit and deep feeling of the songs. Kaeley's gentle, resonant voice and acoustic guitar is complemented by talented Portland artists making it an album of amazing musicianship and heart. 

As a small child Kaeley remembers singing bedtime lullabies with her mother and countless hours spent singing in the car with her family making harmonies with her sisters. She surrounded herself with every type of music possible from folk music, to classical, to rock. She started playing the flute at one point but stopped because she couldn’t stand not being able to sing along. Her roots in songwriting as she remembers it, started when she was nine years old and temporarily living in Ireland. She lived with her family on a cliff above the sea and can remember making up her own songs and singing them out on the wind to the ocean waves below. Upon returning to her hometown of Portland, OR, her eldest sister passed away at which point music became the outlet for her soul. She joined every choir and singing group she could through her high school and then college.  It was not until after college that she attended a songwriting workshop where she formally began writing songs to share with others and was lost to that process.  It was so satisfying to combine her own melodies to her own thoughts as one song led to the next. 

Kaeley’s music is inspired by many of the folk/country icons such as Emmy Lou Harris and Nancy Griffith and also by artists such as Brandi Carlile, Gillian Welch and the Wailin’ Jennys.   

Kaeley now resides in Portland, OR with her husband and three daughters. She is a teacher of music to students young and old.  Her adult classes focus on those students who may feel they can't sing, can't play an instrument, can't write their own song or play with others and supports them to find the music that is in us all.  She hopes to help others find and keep that joy that is found in making music.  Kaeley has been a Music Together teacher for many years and her child classes focus on music as part of play with singing, dancing, intro ukulele and songwriting.  She hopes to keep the environment non performance oriented and fun.  She relishes the work of developing a musical foundation with her students that can be carried throughout their lives. Please contact her to see if her lessons are a good fit for you.  Over the past few years Kaeley has turned her attention to her own music and enjoys the process of sharing her songs with audiences. Kaeley says "I write what feels good to sing and expresses feeling for me. I hope my songs elicit emotion for you and make you want to sing along with me".