Welcome to my website. I am so glad that you are here.  What a time we are living in and I hope that my music can provide you with a little support, calm, or whatever it is you are needing at this moment.  Music is a great healer of hearts as well as inspiration.  I hope as a musician out in the world that I can catch songs that will provide some of this for you.  It has been a busy time in terms of musical creation for me and I am so missing performing these new songs for all of you.  One of my greatest joys is creating a song and going through the process of having it be my song and then performing it so that it no longer is mine, but is yours.  I hope to be playing out more in the coming months. Join my email list above and I will keep you in the loop. My best wishes to all of you and I hope you are all doing O.K.. 
         Thanks and love,
                        Kaeley O'Leary Stephens 

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A Dance with Me